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Fanar Al Khaleej is a One-Stop-Shop solution ; whose primary objective is still, to be of service to the food industry but on a much grander scale. We are into food ingredients, food engineering, industrial/ commercial refrigeration, modified atmosphere storage, product development up to basic research in improving human health. We have always been a major player in the food industry not only in the UAE but all throughout GCC, other neighboring countries and India . With continuous research for product development and trainings being attended by our technologists and engineers, our pursuit for perfection is incessant thus our clients could expect even better products and solutions as we keep on moving forward. Thus Fanar wanted to share our experience and knowhow with you Great chefs who are the source of our inspiration for the FOOD INDUSTRY thus Emerged Chef Tech

What is Chef Tech?

A master chef is considered an impeccable artist, who not only designs and displays myriad menus in the culinary gallery, but also successfully makes a lay man an ardent lover of food! Such a designer, if he has easy access to the perfect dish-sculpting tools, will work wonders in the food service world! This is precisely the very purpose why “Chef Tech” was created & launched. ChefTech literally brings complete technical knowhow, nutritional facts & functionality of ingredients at the Chef’s work station

Why Chef Tech?

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Thus emerged Chef-Tech where the chef has a additional
know how of science in a platter.

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We develop food ingredients to meet expectations of health conscious people and save precious preparation time in the kitchen

The Way It Should Be

We develop food ingredients to meet expectations of health conscious people and save precious preparation time in the kitchen. ChefTech practically brings complete nutritional facts & versatile functionality of natural ingredients right at the Chef’s cooking station. ChefTech helps chefs all over Middle East whip up & serve tasty, wholesome meals that will keep our cherished patrons asking for more!


ChefTech spices have elevated my cooking game to new heights, infusing each dish with a symphony of flavors that tantalize the taste buds and leave a lasting impression. From their aromatic blends to their impeccable quality, ChefTech is the secret ingredient that takes every recipe from ordinary to extraordinary.
Mila Kunit
ChefTech's bakery mix has completely transformed my baking experience. With its foolproof formula and exceptional taste, I effortlessly create delectable treats that rival those of professional pastry chefs. From heavenly cakes to irresistible pastries, ChefTech has become my go-to secret for baking success!
Mike Sendler
ChefTech BBQ mix has become my grilling game-changer. Its tantalizing blend of spices and smoky essence takes my barbecues to a whole new level of mouthwatering deliciousness. With ChefTech, every cookout becomes an unforgettable flavor extravaganza that leaves my guests begging for the recipe!
Mila Kunit
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